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February 12, 2012

Notes and ideas for what I’m doing with Thesis and with Etcetera this year.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle's Personal Blog

…about what I’d like to be doing in the next while. I want to scoot ahead and finish The Back roads of Limbo and maybe Poison Pen Letters From Limbo, so I can publish them and mayb emake some dough. Same goes for Hot Nights in Limbo, which I think is also nearer to completion than the next LinkTales book.

I’d like to get to work on the new songs for The Whole Other Half, as I’ve been dickering with old tracks from Bisecting a Circumference and that one track, Here It Comes Again, for months. Songs I’ve been sitting on for almost a decade are still lined up waiting for their chance to be demoed at long last.

I also want to start getting Derrick and Gary working on and reworking the music for the next Etcetera album, which I’m hoping will a) be called Steep Inclinations, and b)…

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