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Out of Time – a new Thesis solo video

March 10, 2012

Out Of Time


This is not a dream
This is a… nightmare
All we thought we were is gone
We cannot stop the change
We have to come to grips
We’ve seen it coming for so long.

They’ve closed the factories
They’ve locked the metal doors
The keys to this town have been sold
There’s no more steel here
There are no jobs for us
We need that paper made from gold.

And the skyline looks so clear
As we peer across the lake…

We tore Red Hill apart
We built the road to nowhere
So people could avoid this town
They tell us things will change
They tell us things will grow
But still the city’s shutting down.

And our neighbours look so good
As we hit the Linc to go…

We used to be a home to businessmen and artists
Back when this place was in its prime
This used to be the town that everyone else turned to
But now we’re running out of time.


It was never paradise
But it’s getting hard to call home…

We used to be a central pillar in this country
Before we withered on the vine
We cannot bear to leave and we can’t afford to go
And we are running out of time.

Out of time
Running out of time
Out of… time
We’re out of time.

©2010, 2012 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
for the upcoming album, ‘The Whole Other Half’


I live in a factory town that has been experiencing some pretty serious growing pains as it transitions from factory work to medical and service sector work. The programs and institutions put in place to keep this place running smoothly have been eroding, along with the roads and the public trust, and it occurred to me that I’d never written a protest song about my home town before, so I figured I’d try it now. The recording isn’t perfect, and neither is the video, but I think it sums up the situation, and I did it all myself, so I have only myself to blame. Plus, I work for really low rates, so I can afford me.

More stuff, particularly including the band, to come soonish.


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